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college tuition Archives - R. Darren Sanford, CPA, CGMA
Aug 152013
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Did you know that the average student loan debt balance is $24,803?  Student loan debt is taking a heavy toll on borrowers, according to an American Institute of CPAs survey, which found that 75% of respondents or their children had made personal or financial sacrifices because of monthly student loan payments.  Sacrifices included putting off saving for retirement (41%); delaying car purchases (40%); postponing a home purchase (29%); and even waiting on marriage (15%).

Among the most troubling findings were that only 39% fully understood the burden that student loan debt would place on their future and 60% had at least some regrets about their decisions on financing their education.  That’s why it’s always critical to understand the full potential impact of all your financial choices.  Let’s face it, college is expensive.  Good schools cost even more.  Some people have found a way to pay for their kid’s college education with no loans.

Most people, once they hear about the solution, get excited and want more information but, honestly, some of them don’t.  You probably know the type; they’d rather watch TV, surf the internet and complain instead of helping their child come out of college debt free.  Would it be OK if I got you some more information?

Request additional information on how to pay college education expenses without the student loan debt by clicking on the Contact Me tab and entering your request in the comments section.  Your information is safe and secure and is never sold or transferred to third parties.

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